About Us

If you want to eat like royalty, there’s only one place in Boronia to order from. Here at Royal Spice, we use the freshest vegetables and zestiest spices to make the most delicious Indian food you’ve ever tasted. We offer a wide variety of delicious Indian dishes, all prepared with the freshest ingredients by experienced chefs who know what authentic Indian cuisine is supposed to taste like. Try our Chicken Jalfrezi, sauteed chicken with tomato and a hint of capsicum that’s perfectly finished with onion gravy. If you’re ordering from Royal Spice for the second half of our name, our Fish Vindaloo will have your taste buds positively sizzling with its vinegar and chilli sauce. Takeaway and delivery is fast, convenient and affordable and the online ordering system ensures that you order your meal even if you’re in a hurry. Order from us today!

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